Laser Treatment

Dr. Gardiner and Dr. Di Turi are trained in the use of laser technology. This state-of-the-art equipment is used for soft tissue management and infection control.

Our ability with the laser allows us to treat aesthetic concerns and can be used in addition to treating a patient looking for the ultimate aesthetic and health-directed outcome.

Why Lasers?

Dr. Gardiner and Di Turi prefer using lasers as there is typically less damage to the surrounding tissue and in most cases healing times are faster than with traditional treatment.

A side benefit is that bacteria are reduced at the surgical site because the light beam sterilizes the area, limiting the chance of infection.

Concerns That Can Be Addressed with This Treatment

  • Gum line is uneven due to past dental conditions.
  • Aesthetic issues
  • Removing tissue from a partially exposed wisdom tooth
  • Reshaping gum tissue that has overgrown due to certain medications
  • Removing and reshaping bone and gum tissue during crown lengthening procedures
  • Removing inflamed gum tissue
  • Removing small amounts of tooth enamel
  • Preparing tooth enamel for composite bonding