Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction, a procedure also known as full mouth restoration, is a series of dental procedures that help to solve several oral health problems or complications all at one time.

Full mouth reconstruction is a viable option for many patients who experience an overall “worn dentition”. In cases of worn dentition, all of the teeth are worn down due to age and other factors, including decay, oral disease, or trauma.

Full mouth reconstruction focuses on treating oral conditions pertaining to the tongue, lips, inner cheeks, gums, jawbone, teeth, or any of the oral/facial tissues.

By combining exceptional skill with restorative, cosmetic, and other dental disciplines, full mouth reconstruction can transform the functionality, health, and appearance of your smile. These fortunate patients experience life-changing qualities and emotions due to their new function and appearance.

If Dr. Christopher Di Turi deems that you may be a candidate for such a comprehensive procedure, he may suggest a full mouth restoration to give you the high-quality function and aesthetics that you desire.

How Can This Procedure Benefit Me?

If you are missing or have damaged a significant number of teeth, it will be beneficial to replace entire arches with a series of implants, full arch bridge work or a series of crowns.