Root Canal Therapy

If a patient has a severe toothache or tooth sensitivity, their tooth and nerves may have become infected or damaged requiring root canal treatment. Dr. Mitchell Gardiner and Dr. Christopher Di Turi may recommend root canal therapy to save your tooth and restore the health of your smile.

This type of treatment is a type of therapy that is recommended if the tooth pulp and nerves become infected by bacteria that entered the center cavity of the tooth through existing decay. 

Our dentists in our Shrewsbury, New Jersey office, will expertly remove the infected tissues within the tooth, clean it and fill it with a medicated material. This procedure can typically be performed in one to two visits to our office.

Historically root canal treatment has had a reputation for being uncomfortable, however due the advance of new technologies and techniques, as well as the gentle touch of our staff, this procedure can be performed with minimal discomfort.

Please feel free to contact the office if you suffer from any considerable discomfort. Delaying treatment will always lead to more severe sensitivity and prolonged discomfort.

Dr. Mitchell Gardiner and Dr. Christopher Di Turi, as well as the rest of our staff, are committed to restoring your smile to its greatest potential.

What is Root Canal Therapy Used For?

  • Relieve sensitivity and pain of infected tooth
  • Salvage your existing tooth and its structure
  • Restore your ability to speak and eat properly
  • Prepare the tooth for full restoration

Why should you consider Root Canal Therapy?

If an infected tooth is left untreated it can lead to severe sensitivity and tooth pain, and eventually might cause the tooth to die and require a more intensive extraction.