Praise for Our Office and Team

Jonathon Smith
Tucson, AZ
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I am just so pleased to have been introduced to Dr. Gardiner and his wonderful front desk team of MaryAlice, Joan, Cheryl, and everyone else. I always appreciate their ability to work with my busy schedule in scheduling my appointments.
Joe Mantico
Chatham, NJ
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I have been a patient of Dr. Di Turi for many years. He has always performed high-quality work and I appreciate all that he and his staff have done to perfect my smile. Many thanks!
Jessi S.
Carlstadt, NJ
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Dr. Gardiner is the best dentist, hands down. Just to get my point across on how awesome he is, you must know that I will drive 1 hour from North Jersey just for a dentist appointment. I've had so many horrible experiences with dentists in the past; I never thought I'd find one to my liking. I've always been prone to cavities and when dentist after dentist berates you for not brushing / flossing enough, when you do, you just want to scream! Dr. Gardiner is understanding, patient, and has a great personality. He always remembers me and makes me feel comfortable. When I first came to him my teeth were a hot mess, but he's solved many of my problems and now when I have cleanings I don't always have a cavity! It's amazing! I highly recommend Dr. Gardiner. He is a great dentist and a great person.
Christina R
Ashburn, VA
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I have Amelogenesis Imperfecta. This causes lack of enamel on my teeth and also much decay. Bc of this Ive had I think ten caps and more fillings then I recall. They have all been done here. A week ago had a filling fall out (it was about twenty years old) and bc I procrastinated some of the tooth cracked. Called Dr. Dituri Sunday and left early Monday to get there. Turns out what we thought was a filling or cap turned into a root canal. I felt nothing and will be back for the post and temp and then perm. Crown. And for those wanting to know where I live...DC.
Vicky F.
Red Bank, NJ
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I have known both Dr. Gardiner and Dr Di Turi for many years. They and their wonderful staff are always welcoming and warm to whatever patient that may walk through their doors. If you are looking for a dental office with the level of expertise that the dentists and hygienists here have, I wouldn't suggest going anywhere else.
Dan O.
Atlantic Highlands, NJ
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It is in my personal opinion that Dr Di Turi is the best.